The first week of June 2019 Riehle Decorating began their contracted work to paint and decorate the inside of St. John’s Catholic Church in Independence, Iowa. By the last week of September 2019, the job was completed and phenomenally so.  From the repairing of the walls, the scraping, the painting, the stencil decorating, gold leaf application, ordering all of the materials, and cleanup; the Riehle’s not only performed admirably, but offered suggestions, and helpful information regarding other aspects of our overall renovation project when asked for consultation of their valued experiential opinion. They were kind and considerate and we hardly knew that they were even here. Each day they worked from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and when I went out to check how much was accomplished, I was amazed they could get so much done in a day’s time. The reactions and comments from parishioners and others have been nothing short of highest praise and accolades. I have not even heard of one, single, negative comment. We were greatly and gratefully appreciative of their professional work. I sincerely believe that they look upon their work, not as a job, but as a ministry that is blessed by the hand of God. I would highly recommend Riehle Decorating for consideration of your next church redecoration project. Please stop in to check it out for yourself if you drive through Independence, Iowa.

P.S. They are the only people I know that probably spend more time in church than the pope.

Fr. David Beckman, Independence, Iowa

Riehle Decorating listened to our ideas and desires while giving their artistic and professional input on design, color and artistry. Thought the project we dialogued about each step and together gave the architectural bones of this magnificent church an awe inspiring new finish. People are drawn to pray within the walls of St. Augustine after an initial jaw dropping or eye watering experience.

Fr. Jim Steffes, St. Augustine Church, Austin, MN