About Us


Riehle (pronounced "really") Decorating Inc. is a fourth generation family business specializing in interior decorative renovation and restoration.

We offer a full range of decorative/restorative services for churches, banks, theaters, homes, and historic buildings.

Based out of beautiful northeastern Iowa, we have served clients in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

We have the experience and proven expertise in all the areas of decorative building restoration that our clients need to accomplish their renovation goals and objectives.

Pictured left to right: Dennis, Darrell, Jerry, Ron



Riehle Decorating was started in 1939 when Frederick Riehle painted his first church. He soon trained his son, Frederick Jr., the father of Darrell and Jerry. Darrell and Jerry Riehle have been decorating churches since they were teen-agers. Darrell and Jerry Riehle are now joined in the business by Dennis, who is Darrell's son, and Ron, who is Jerry's son.

Riehle Decorating specializes in Church Remodeling, Interior Renovation, Decorating, Painting Lighting, Plaster Repair, Liturgical Artwork, Murals, Statuary, Faux Marble/Stone, and Gold Leaf.  We serve clients in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas.